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Erwin Olario govvin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 09:49:21 UTC 2018

I noticed recent edits [0] made by a contributor pointing to a Tasking
Manager project [1] campaign by UP NOAH. Project is set to private, and
public contributors cannot participate.

The project instructions are vaguely recommending tags that may lead to
improper tagging.

Currently their project has the instruction to  their contributors:
Map all buildings and tag its specific building type:
building=yes for generic buildings
building=commercial for commercial buildings
building=retail for buildings that sell products and services
building=house for residential units
building=residential for multi-storey residential units
building=school for units used for educational institutions
building=church for places of worship
building=industrial for industrial buildings

If you know more information about a certain building, please add important
details such as:

address (addr:street=Rizal) (addr:province=Cavite) and
number of floors (building:levels=3).
If the building is an evacuation shelter, add the tag evacuation_center=yes.
These tags are needed to be added in the critical infrastructures for an
effective disaster operations and infrastructure assessment.

Do not delete any existing data because it is possible that they have used
latest imagery than what we are using.

Below are my notes, and some recommendations:

   - `building=commercial` is used often by mappers when they actually
   refer to `building=retail`. Recommendation: Improve instruction by by
   providing real-life examples
   - `building=house` is applicable for multi-storey buildings for a
   **single** household. Revise the instruction.
   - `building=residential` is a general purpose tag for residential
   buildings.  Do not describe this tag for use with "multi-storey residential
   units" as they may be correctly applied for single-level units, as well.
   Also, multi-storey qualification is determined by `building:levels` tag
   - number of floors, as understood in the Philippines is not the
   equivalent value for `building:levels`.  A five-storey building , as
   understood in PH, would be tagged as `building:levels=4`, and a
   `building:levels=1` means a 2-storey building.
   - clarify  that`building=school `are only for institutions offering
   **basic education**. Schools, colleges, universities are properly tagged by
   their `amenity=*` tags. Other establishments offering other forms of
   instruction may use `office=educational_institution`
   - clarify that places of worship tagged as `amenity=place_of_worship` is
   not always necessary done in `building=church`. it could be also in a
   building=chapel. It may not even occupy the whole building.  An object
   tagged as `building=cathedral` + `amenity=bar` are valid tags for a
   re-purposed building, now serving as a bar -- and I doubt any form of
   worship happens there.
   - The proper  tags for evacuation shelters are `social_facility=shelter`
   + `social_facility:for=displaced`. The use of `evacuation_center=yes` is
   meant to be secondary tags for ad hoc or temporary shelters.
   - The instruction about "not deleting" data is not necessary, if the the
   contributors are taught how to switch imageries (including how to adjust
   offsets). If updated imagery shows the objects to be absent, then deleting
   them should be alright.
   - Recommend the use of `addr=*` and `addr:place` where street names are
   absent, instead of using them like `addr:street=  Blk 23 - Suha, Taytay,

I hope this helps the project managers, and we could be more consistent
with our tagging and training efforts. This only came across me since we're
also working in the same area in our data improvement efforts [2].

[1]: https://tasks.hotosm.org/project/4108
[2]: https://tasks.hotosm.org/contribute?difficulty=ALL&organisation=Kaart

/Erwin Olario

e: erwin at ngnuity.xyz | v/m: https://t.me/GOwin | s: https://mstdn.io/@GOwin
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