[talk-ph] Participatory mapping in Marawi using OpenStreetMap data

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David Garcia is currently in Marawi helping the local government and local
civil society groups with urban planning and rehabilitation efforts in the
aftermath of the Marawi seige between government and rebel forces last year.

I am reposting here the status updates provided by David on Facebook:

>From (with photos):

> This week: participatory mapping and urban planning after the Marawi
> siege. National, regional, provincial, and city government officials;
> Marawi residents; and other stakeholders mashed up the stories + mental
> maps + geospatial data + memories + statistical data + sketches +
> discussions on space, knowledge, and power.
> When residents told stories about their lost loved ones and homes, it was
> very difficult to listen to the pain associated with the places. While some
> would like to see the downtown cleared, other memories and claims stay in
> the place and landscape. Marawi is not a blank slate. Hence, the goal was
> to imagine the highest and best use of the destroyed places and landscapes,
> and for whom.
> Transforming Marawi from a landscape of despair into a space of hope will
> require more than giving residents access to their homes. Citizens must
> eventually have the power to determine and produce the form, value, and
> rules of the types of spaces that Marawi will have. This is easier said
> than done, and we’re very thankful for all small acts of kindness that made
> it possible for our team of outsiders to share the little we know and
> facilitate the workshop.
> In a time of conflicts and crises in cities, it is necessary to open,
> enlarge, and restore the spatial data, spatial commons, and the spaces for
> deliberation. To see that happen is my birthday wish.
> Much gratitude to the Marawi residents, TFBM, Marawi LGU and PIEP
> leadership, TAF, Lanao Del Sur LGU, ARMM regional government, HUDCC, NEDA,
> HLURB, civil society reps, OpenStreetMap Philippines, and others who bet on
> this exercise. To our hidden angels and the dedicated civil servants who
> made this possible (you know who you are), assalamualaikum.
From: https://www.facebook.com/groups/osmph/permalink/581046375566078/

Dear friends, the OpenStreetMap data that you made is making a difference
> in Marawi City. Government officials, residents, and civil society groups
> are using it now for participatory mapping and urban planning. Thank you so
> much.
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