[talk-ph] Kaart PH data improvement efforts - road alignment in Metro Manila

Erwin Olario govvin at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 08:08:53 UTC 2018

Hi everyone.

We are pleased to inform the community about the progress of the missing
roads tasks that Kaart has initiated in the Philippines [0]. Thanks to
mappers (here and abroad) who've contributed their time and effort, we have
completed the missing roads tasks [1] for the following areas:
- Metro Manila (with validation)
- Batangas
- Bulacan
- Pampang
- Pangasinan
- Quezon
- Rizal

While we still have available tasks for the following provinces:
- Cavite
- Laguna

We plan to attend to other provinces as well,  as soon as we complete our
priorities. If you wish to have your home province task made available
sooner, please ping me.

Our next [2] priority is addressing the road alignment issues we've
identified for Metro Manila. Based on Kaart GIS analysis, some of our road
segments has positional errors (~3-17m) when compared to existing track
logs (OpenStreetMap and Strava).

We propose to adopt following alignment strategy :

    1.  Where available, use Bing as baseline, but verify its accuracy by
comparing with SatNav (OSM track logs, Strava heatmaps) data. Same applies
for any other available aerial imagery (e.g. Mapbox. Digital Globe
Standard, Digital Globe Premium, ESRI World Clarity, ESRI World Imagery).
   2. Publish offsets to the Imagery Offsets Database (IODb)
<http://offsets.textual.ru/map>. Deprecate IODb entries, when necessary.
   3. For grid networks, attempt to offset data to match imagery. If not
successful or practical, retrace the area.
   4. Realign all other roads, correct topology errors, and mark task as
   5. Pass 2. Validation.

Realignment and imagery offset is not a task for beginners, so we've
temporarily set the task to private. Collaborators using JOSM are welcome
to help out, when the task is made ready for dissemination.

Additional details are posted in our task ticket [2]. If you want to access
the project task, let me know what your OSM username is, so I can add you,

We are keen to hear the community's feedback, or suggestions.


[0]: https://github.com/mapamore/kaart-ph/issues
[3]: https://github.com/mapamore/kaart-ph/issues/12


/Erwin Olario

e: erwin at ngnuity.xyz | v/m: https://t.me/GOwin | s: https://mstdn.io/@GOwin
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