[talk-ph] Survey time...

Glen Scott paverne at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 06:22:02 UTC 2018

Hi guys,

Not long to my Alaminos survey mission... I'm excited but also a little
concerned that I won't make best use of my time.  Motorbike is organised,
plenty of sunblock lotion, GPS, notebook and camera. SIM is organised but I
know it's only 3G data shared with 1000's of others up there, so patience
is the key....

I downloaded Mapillary to my phone but have no idea what use I can put that
too..... at the moment anyway. Or whether I can use Maps.me in any useful
way. At the moment, as far as POI is concerned the plan is just photos and
notebook and hope I can interpret the scribbles later.

Land in Manila Sunday, wish me luck :-)

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