[talk-ph] Announcing the Tabang-AI initiative

Eugene Alvin Villar seav80 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 10 06:24:43 UTC 2019


We are pleased to announce an initiative to use AI or machine learning
(ML)-derived data to help improve the coverage of OpenStreetMap in the
Philippines and we are calling it Tabang-AI. This is word play on on
Cebuano word *tábangay* which means "collaboration" or "teamwork". We
believe that AI and ML, when used properly, and always with the local
mappers leading the effort, is a fruitful complement to conventional forms
of mapping in OSM.

One of the first projects under this initiative is related to the AI road
detection technology developed by Facebook under their Map With AI (
https://mapwith.ai/) service. We requested Facebook to run their machine
learning models in the Philippines and they have provided the detected road
data through their RapiD editor.

Together with various local partners (LGUs, NGOs, etc.) that we have forged
from the recent Pista ng Mapa conference in Dumaguete, we plan to promote
baseline road mapping throughout the country to further increase data
coverage. This will be implemented in several phases to ensure that the
data added to OSM conforms to the defined quality standards outlined by the
local community.

You can read more about this initiative on the OSM Wiki:

If you want to start coordinating map tasks within your community, please
feel free to reply to this email, or sent a private message to
osm.pilipinas+aimappingrequest at gmail.com or create a GitHub ticket here:

Happy mapping!
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