[OpenStreetMap Serbia] data upload in Vojvodina

Thomas toba0211 at yahoo.de
Sat Nov 27 21:01:09 GMT 2010


the OSM community guidelines require the information of the local people before 
doing a massive data upload. I am preparing the upload of many(maybe the most) 
forests in Vojvodina.
This will mean 30,000+ nodes. The data come from Corine Land Cover and are 
available under public domain, so they fit into cc-by-sa and ODbL. The accuracy 
is not the best and can be compared with Landsat 

I will take the following precaution to ensure, that nothing goes wrong.
- I wil NOT delete or modify any existing data in OSM, except data that I have 
- I will not upload any data outside Vojvodina to avoid problems with 
neighboring countries.
- if there is already a forest in OSM, I will not upload data for that area 

If nothing goes wrong, the rest of Serbia can follow.

if someone has issues with my upload, please let me know within 48 hours

Kind regards

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