[OpenStreetMap Serbia] data upload in Vojvodina

Thomas toba0211 at yahoo.de
Sun Nov 28 09:25:27 GMT 2010

Hi Mike,

the guys in Romania made an upload recently. They damaged one of "my forests" so 
I noticed it.
Romania looks now nice

If you add hillshading it is much better

You can download the data here, although I have not checked if it contains data 
for Kosovo. But I think so

We (Janos - OSM steinjan and myself) will probably do some of your suggestions 
if we upload data for the whole Serbia. However, splitting the Vojvodina data 
into chunks would be more work than reviewing myself. 

We have some experience with larger uploads. My largest changeset was 14,000 
nodes with buildings in Subotica. Anyway, we will exclude Kosovo and leave it 
with you. Please contact me if you need help. I suggest we agree on a clipping 
polygon. If we use different polygons, we wether have overlapping data (which 
will be huge mess to adjust manually) or an aisle along the border. It will 
produce some dup nodes but these can be fixed with JOSM very fast

Kind regards

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Betreff: Re: [OpenStreetMap Serbia] data upload in Vojvodina

On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 10:01 PM, Thomas <toba0211 at yahoo.de> wrote:
> If nothing goes wrong, the rest of Serbia can follow.
HI Thomas, you have data for kosovo?

anyway, my suggestion for imports in general is as follows :
1. split the data into chunks and post them to archive.org
2. let everyone help review and compare and import
3. make a wikipage with the chunks and let people post the status

see this for example :

see our project page here :

James Michael DuPont
Member of Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova and Albania
flossk.org flossal.org

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