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Fri Feb 24 20:11:45 GMT 2012

just a quick hack to show that it is possible to deal with the chaos if name= and name:sr= is used.
You see that the map is latin but name:sr is also filled (thx to Pedja's script) and can be easy pulled. Move around......database is from end of last year, some things may not be in. I will reload soon.


Works also abroad to the extend that a name:sr is entered, see admin level 2,4,6

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Betreff: Re: [OpenStreetMap Serbia] Oznake
On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 4:50 PM, Thomas <toba0211 at yahoo.de> wrote:
> The language code for Serbian is sr according to the ISO Code used by OSM.

Yes, but only ISO 639 though, which is not enough.

> If someone wants to deviate from the recommendation, he could use
> name=whatever
> name:sr=cyrllic [optional if name=cyrillic]
> name:sr_lat=latin.


Once again, please see the links I posted to Mark Davis' BCP 47 discussion:


OSM should really implement BCP 47, not only one ISO tag, and than do
kludges with non-standard arbitrary tags like until now.

So you'd have support for sr-Cyrl, sr-Latn, zh-Hant, zh-Hans, etc.

OSM should then have transliteration rules from one script to the
other for each language.

Mappers shouldn't input this data multiple times, it should be generated.

It's great news the grant is there, as it's a good opportunity to
something about OSM i18n.

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