[OpenStreetMap Serbia] Oznake

Aleksandar Cirkovic cirko at web.de
Sat Feb 25 13:02:42 GMT 2012

> Because we're going through this same argument at least twice year. We
> enter data one way, then somebody changes it the other way a couple of
> months later just because they have some subjective fear and loathing
> of one script or the other, then somebody changes it back, and so on,
> and we end up with the mess we have now. As I said, if ping-pong was
> what I was looking for, I'll find it somewhere else thank you very
> much.

[Aleksandar Cirkovic] 
Yes, I see your point; I'm sorry, I was in this argument for the first time

> This is wasting time and effort instead of concentrating on the
> mapping,

[Aleksandar Cirkovic] 
Mapping is worthless without a common standard; but I agree that mapping is
more important that talking about it all the time!
> I have been involved with many open source Serbian localization
> projects over a few years now, and we learned an important lesson that
> is so fundamentally obvious, that it becomes frustrating having to
> explain it over and over again to people who refuse think logically.
> And it boils down to:

[Aleksandar Cirkovic] 
I understand that - why don't we just point out the reasons for our tagging
standards on the Wiki page for everybody to see so that no new discussion
would start again?

> Serbian is perfectly well recorded using the Cyrillic script, and
> EVERYTHING else can easily and SHOULD be AUTOMATICALLY transliterated
> and transcribed from it. Going the other way DOES NOT WORK (at least
> not as easily). 1+1=? 
> All other historic and national reasons aside, this is a single and
> obvious TECHNICAL advantage that lets us cover all bases at once, and
> if we don't start exploiting it by building OSM on solid foundations,
> I'd really rather focus my effort on some other project.

[Aleksandar Cirkovic] 
Yes, that is a technical and logical reason for mapping in Cyrillic script,
and completely understandable.
So, let's just leave it as it is - name:sr in Cyrillic and name in Latin,
and we won't have any problems. One day an automated transcription will
come, and everybody will be able to read what he wants to.

I'm going back to mapping now.

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