[Talk-scotland] A Map For Scotland

Jo Walsh metazool at fastmail.net
Wed Dec 31 08:43:58 UTC 2014

I have a simple project idea to float.


I am not suggesting a direct response to this invitation to tender. Here
is the key phrase:

"How can we best map and maintain an up to date record of groups in the
area to enable people interested in taking part to find out details
about them?" 

I'm suggesting that we offer a Mapping Platform For Scotland which is a
funnel into OSM plus extracts. If the cultural historians are really out
there proselytising OSM to one another, then it will look like an
Obvious Win, and it will save the eventual funded project a lot of
wasted time.

I once did a Usual Suspects Proposal for the Arts Council in England. A
small group of us were recruited to write a CFP and then respond to it.
They were interested in a network map of funding success and failure.
Then they took a hard look at the beginnings of the map, and there was
no more mapping after that.

It's no fun to be funded.

I'm also interested in helping to bootstrap a hackerspace in Perth. I
don't think anyone is trying to do a grant-funded semi-commercial
makerspace there yet, so there's hope. Between 57n and edinhacklab there
is enough surplus tooling to start a new hacklab. For me, that would be
a good cultural side-effect of doing this for Scotland for free.

  Jo Walsh
  metazool at fastmail.net

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