[Talk-scotland] Road Hierarchy in Central Edinburgh

Donald Noble drnoble at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 10:01:30 UTC 2014

There have been a couple of changes to the road hierarchy in central
Edinburgh recently, partly related to the introduction of the trams,
and also a trial cycle/pedestrian route along George Street. There
were also some relic classifications from the tram construction where
roads changed priority during the construction works.

Rather than initiate an edit war, I thought it might be better to set
up a wiki page to discuss and hopefully reach a consensus that can be
implemented on the map.

This is at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Edinburgh/CityCentreRoads
- which has had some input, but opening up to a wider audience via the

It would be good to get input from others regarding a sensible
hierarchy, and possible experience from other UK towns and cities.
Some particular questions include:
- Do we base this on access for motor vehicles?
- Or base on OS classification (which may be incorrect/out of date)?
- Should a main route for public transport but not motor vehicles be
primary/secondary/tertiary in OS parlance, or does the fact that motor
vehicles are prohibited suggest this should be unclassified?
- Should these roads be tagged with "access=no, bicycle=yes, foot=yes,
etc" or just "motor_vehicle=no"

Thanks for any input on this.


(disclaimer: I'm a cyclist and resident of Edinburgh)

Donald Noble
http://drnoble.co.uk - http://flickr.com/photos/drnoble

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