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Donald Noble drnoble at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 20:43:54 UTC 2014

Agree it would be worthwhile setting up cakes to concentrate effort,
but don't think it needs to be a weekly thing.
Just set up an area of the city and wait until we get reasonable
completeness. There are not that many (maybe 10) areas the size of
Duddingston without buildings in Edinburgh, although Glasgow is that
much bigger.

Will need a bit of ground truthing once it has been traced, but that
can perhaps be done whilst picking up addresses. Plus might need local
knowledge to flag up areas where bing imagery is out of date (i.e. new
housing, or redevelopment).

Maybe set up a scale of completeness where 1 is just the roads (all
areas should be at least this) up to 5 for most details, 7 is all
buildings, and 9 once addresses and ground truth complete?

Cheers, Donald

On 30 March 2014 11:57, Bob Kerr <openstreetmapcraigmillar at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
> Congratulations to Tim on a successful mapping day in Duddingston
> While I was there It was suggested that a small mapping cake could be put up on a regular basis to remotely map houses,
> This would be usefull especially in Glasgow because of the 50th anniversary of the Cartographers society and in Edinburgh because of Erics NLS project
> My question to the list would be If I chose a time say thursday night at 20:00 and pointed to
> http://mapcraft.nanodesu.ru/list
> or the map
> http://mapcraft.nanodesu.ru/map?zoom=7&lat=7670608.86873&lon=-358642.64863&layers=BT
> Do you think this would be worthwhile.
> Is once a week too much
> Cheers
> Bob
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