[Talk-scotland] The Kelpies, and bus routes attached to paths

Stewart C. Russell scruss at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 15:50:43 UTC 2015

Hi - I'm back in Scotland briefly, and surveyed some local changes in
Newton Mearns.

I'm also navigating entirely by gps + OSM map data, which is good but
still a bit, um, interesting. Couple of things:

1) The Kelpies - near here https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/277313678 -
are not marked as an attraction, or landmark, or indeed anything that
you could search for as "The Kelpies". Since it's heavily signposted as
“The Kelpies”, what would a better tag be? Make a relation with
tourism=attraction, name=The Kelpies for both structures?

2) Near my parents' place there's a new footpath, and part of the old
roadway/footpath has been removed. It seems that the existing footpath
had inherited bus route relations. I'm feart to fix this, as JOSM
(swearies redacted) seemed to want to remove the entire relation set.
Here's the changeset, please excuse the mess:


aka scruss on OSM

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