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I think it's worth thinking about, if nothing else as a sustainable way of
storing and maintaining the "map" how would we actually go about this?


On Wed Dec 31 2014 at 8:44:05 AM Jo Walsh <metazool at fastmail.net> wrote:

> I have a simple project idea to float.
> http://www.voluntaryarts.org/2014/12/22/mapping-culture-in-
> perth-kinross-invitation-to-tender/
> I am not suggesting a direct response to this invitation to tender. Here
> is the key phrase:
> "How can we best map and maintain an up to date record of groups in the
> area to enable people interested in taking part to find out details
> about them?"
> I'm suggesting that we offer a Mapping Platform For Scotland which is a
> funnel into OSM plus extracts. If the cultural historians are really out
> there proselytising OSM to one another, then it will look like an
> Obvious Win, and it will save the eventual funded project a lot of
> wasted time.
> I once did a Usual Suspects Proposal for the Arts Council in England. A
> small group of us were recruited to write a CFP and then respond to it.
> They were interested in a network map of funding success and failure.
> Then they took a hard look at the beginnings of the map, and there was
> no more mapping after that.
> It's no fun to be funded.
> I'm also interested in helping to bootstrap a hackerspace in Perth. I
> don't think anyone is trying to do a grant-funded semi-commercial
> makerspace there yet, so there's hope. Between 57n and edinhacklab there
> is enough surplus tooling to start a new hacklab. For me, that would be
> a good cultural side-effect of doing this for Scotland for free.
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