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Jo Walsh metazool at fastmail.net
Sat May 23 17:01:27 UTC 2015

I went up to Aberdeen for the last Codethecity, to represent for OSM
along with user:neiljp, and had a good time. I have no such excuse to go
mapping in Aberdeen now as the next Codethecity workshop is being held
with an Edinburgh one in parallel, organised in cooperation with
Edinburgh Apps. So I am lifting my boycott on Edinburgh Apps and have
registered for the local workshop. It would be great if others felt like
joining me and we could form a Team OSM, either picking a particularly
maplike project and working together, or splitting up and offering
mapping support to different teams on the day.

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Codethecity returns on 20th July, our theme is Environment. View this
email in your browser[1]

Codethecity 4 : Environment

*20th / 21st July 2015* Dear Jo,

Our next CodeTheCity weekend will be the biggest yet - with workshops
happening in Aberdeen and Edinburgh simultaneously.

Tickets are now available. Free as always.

*Go here for Aberdeen[2] and here for Edinburgh[3].*

We’ll be working with Edinburgh University, Edinburgh Apps, the City of
Edinburgh Council as well as our usual Aberdeen partners and sponsors[4]
to bring you two days of civic hacking based on an environmental theme.
We’ll also explore options to collaborate between locations - with some
video updates each day.

We’ve posted some seed ideas on our wiki[5] - but feel free to suggest
your own - and will look to each council and a number of other bodies to
make more data on the environmental theme available.

Please help us spread the word to ensure a packed weekend. We're on
twitter[6], facebook[7], tumblr[8], and the good old fashioned web[9].
Or forward this email to people you think might enjoy contributing to
some great projects.

As ever, if you have any questions please get in touch. You can just
reply to this email.


The Codethecity Team

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    codethecity event, or because you requested updates about

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