[Talk-scotland] eegeo and derived building height data

Jo Walsh metazool at fastmail.net
Sun Nov 8 08:19:19 UTC 2015

dear all,

So at State of the Map Scotland there was an interesting verbal offer
from http://www.eegeo.com/ to allow OSM mappers to derived building
height metadata from their data. I'm really interested in following this

@chrisfl we talked about this on Twitter briefly, you reckoned that you
had some contact there already, and that in the past this may even have
been tried, but with less than satisfactory results. But I'd like to try
again; I'm looking for small projects that I can use to contribute to
OSM in occasional bursts of two or three hours. 

I guess we'd be looking for a couple of sample datasets in areas where
building height metadata in OSM is already well mapped; and possibly
another source to cross-compare? I know GeoGeo have done a lot of work
with point clouds in Edinburgh; don't know if they have any Glasgow
data. I've tried to model the building heights in my neighbourhood, but
only in storeys rather than in actual metres, so any relative accuracy
comparison around here would be pretty rough.

Suggestions as to how to take this further, and any bright ideas for the
analysis, would be much appreciated,

Jo aka zool
  Jo Walsh
  metazool at fastmail.net

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