[Talk-scotland] Edinburgh 20mph Limits

me at chrisfleming.org me at chrisfleming.org
Tue Jul 26 14:03:28 UTC 2016

I've just realised that the 20mph limits in the first 2 zones in
Edinburgh come into force from the 31st of July.

Given that the signs are now in place, I think it would make sense to
try and map as much of the change by/on the 31st July.

To try and co-ordinate things I've setup a tasking manager and added a
task for the city centre zone at:

If this is useful, then I will add the Queensferry Square.

ITO maps have a map of current speed limits at:

more info on the changes on the council website:

(at some stage they had a list of streets on the website, although I
can't find it at the moment)


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