[Talk-scotland] Estate Agent Solicitors

Paul Oldham paul at the-hug.org
Sat Feb 18 18:14:48 UTC 2017

Hi folks

I suspect this may be a FAQ hereabout but it's not on the wiki and I did 
look very briefly towards the list archive but pipermail doesn't have 
built in search and my Google Fu wasn't strong enough to get anything 
out that way.

Anyway I'd value some advice. I'm in the middle of getting our town's 
high street shops up to date as it's clearly a while since it was done 
and there's also lots of gaps.

One thing that I'm puzzling over however is estate agent solicitors. Do 
I tag them as:


I was tempted by the latter but the wiki page on semi-colons


seems not to like semi-colons much. You on this list must have come 
across this issue before many times. Was there a consensus? If there is 
I'll add it to the wiki.

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