[Talk-scotland] Mapping pavements in Edinburgh

Michael Booth boothym at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 11:47:47 UTC 2017

Agreed, don't mind them if they are put in busy pedestrian places to 
help routing, and are connected properly to all the roads. I suppose in 
that regard it's like the practice of cyclepaths instead of 
cycleway=track on roads.

But yes, sidewalk=* on roads should be encouraged in the first instance.

On 24/01/2017 11:06, me at chrisfleming.org wrote:
> On 20/01/17 at 05:23pm, Eric Grosso wrote:
>>     Hi all,
>>     I noticed that some pavements have been mapped recently in Princes street
>>     (both sides) and Leith street (Edinburgh), mainly by Donald -- I opened
>>     the discussion here as we didn't talk about it at the meet-up last
>>     Tuesday.
> Donald and I did have a brief chat about this, I think his logic was the
> road is marked and rendered as restricted access, and the pavement on
> Princes Street is much wider than most in Edinburgh therefore mapping it
> does make sense.
>>     If we start mapping these pavements, what are we going to do with the
>>     others? Map all of them, i.e. duplicate every road, possibly on both sides
>>     with footways?
> I certainly agree with you here. We don't want to get into the habit of
> mapping all the pavements. But I think the case for Princes Street is
> sound, and I don't think it's appearance is a driver to roll this out
> across more of the city center.
>>     As it's already possible to map them as tags of the "highways" using
>>     "sidewalk=both/left/no/right", would it not be better to just add the
>>     crossing and the connections where needed in order to represent them and
>>     to enable a better computation for routing algorithms? A good example is
>>     what has been mapped in George street.
> Agree, this works well for George Street, and should be the normal.
> Cheers
> Chris
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