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Colin Paton cozzarp at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 12:17:47 UTC 2017

Hello all,

I went along briefly yesterday to the "Wayfinding session" to see what it's
all about. My understanding is:

- Edinburgh council is spending too much money on Ordnance survey maps, so
they've decided to have their own royalty free map. This map will be used
to provide graphics for on street signs, event maps, tourist maps given
away by hotels etc.
- The sessions were to encourage people with knowledge of Edinburgh to
place stickers on a large map, to show places of interest. Someone was from
a cycling organisation, so it was suggested that cycle parking could be
- The paper map would be photographed, and then taken away and drawn onto
their computer.
- Two people from Lothian buses were there. They pointed out that rather
than place stickers of bus stop locations they would email an Excel
spreadsheet of bus stops, and the City ID people said they would enter that
into their "system". They also pointed out that Lothian buses had a
detailed map from their own survey. However, there seemed to be politics
involved - in that the City ID people were working with Transport for
Edinburgh which (if I understood correctly) was a separate organisation
from Lothian Buses, therefore couldn't use the map.
- City ID appear to be primarily graphic designers who will design the look
of these maps.
- It appeared that the mapping would be done using Adobe Illustrator using
different layers to represent different items. I asked if they used tools
like ArcGIS, but I understood they hadn't heard of this.

I raised the point that OSM already appeared to have the data they wanted
and it seemed a waste of money to resurvey the whole of Edinburgh. The
objections were:

"The licence for OSM isn't compatible with what we are trying to do...
(Questioning by me)....yes - it requires a copyright message to be placed
on the maps so we cannot use it"
"Open street map will become out of date whereas our map will be added to
and kept up to date by the council and stakeholders with an interest in
mapping Edinburgh"
"The council cannot control what is added to OSM".
"The council will not own the data in OSM".
"We cannot guarantee where the OSM data has come from and might be sued by
Google and cannot prove that their data was not used. We have been doing a
street survey ourselves and have photographs taken in the survey to show
where the data came from"

I said that the MESH project had already spent a considerable amount of
time mapping Edinburgh via what I understood to be public funding, and it
seemed to be a waste of public money to do this all again. They said "Maybe
then we can take their data".

I post my understanding of the project here as I think it would be of
interest to members of this list.

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