[Talk-scotland] Edinburgh 20mph Limits

Donald Noble drnoble at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 19:14:39 UTC 2017

Thanks for the comments.

Having had a look at a few more roads in Morningside on a detoured route
back from uni tonight, I tend to agree with needing to survey this. There
are some differences with the online GIS, e.g. west end of Cluny Gardens,
and there is no signage on Merchiston Bank Avenue which joins onto a 30mph
road, despite it being shown blue. I would be surprised if anyone could do
30 on this dead end street though!

With that in mind, it would be nice if you could set up the task Chris, so
that we can co-ordinate efforts. As Robert says, this is more daunting than
the previous one! I have logged in to the task manager, but not done
anything yet.

As for copyright, I don't think there should be any issues with using the
council map as a list of streets to check. It might be possible to get this
from the council, or scrape the TROs, but that will delay things a lot.

Cheers, Donald

On Thu, 2 Mar 2017 at 14:37 <me at chrisfleming.org> wrote:

> I think I would tend to agree with Robert, ideally we would seek
> permission to use the street list from the council. But there is merit
> in surveying, to get thing exactly right.
> I have my tasking manager up and running again, and have been having a
> play with polygon based task shaping, have a loom here:
> http://tasks.openstreetmapscotland.org/project/2
> Basically, I created an .osm file. Then used http://geojson.io/ to turn
> it into a geojson file. Every polygone in that file in turn becomes a
> task. So we can divide the zone into logical zones that people can
> claim, survey and update.
> That way we won't duplicate effort and can ensure we cover the complete
> zones.
> If we can agree that this is a good idea, then login to the task
> manager, I will bump up your privilidges to create a new project. And or I
> can
> share my .osm file to finish divding up and create the task.
> Thoughts?
> Cheers
> Chris
> On 01/03/17 at 10:25pm, Robert Weetman wrote:
> >    My thoughts would be...
> >
> >    a) you could argue that you are only taking the speed limit
> information
> >    from the mapping, which probably wouldn't be seen as copyright (coming
> >    from the council not the Ordnance Survey). I doubt that anyone in the
> >    council has considered making this open data... busy people etc.
> >
> >    b) BUT I suspect that there may be variation on the ground in terms of
> >    where speed limits actually change - that there may be some
> considerable
> >    variation between what was planned at a high level (and is therefore
> shown
> >    on the mapping) and exactly what will have been installed.
> >
> >    With b in mind I'd tend to want to do a survey based on the
> mapping... but
> >    I must admit to being more daunted than for Edinburgh's city centre
> 20mph
> >    zone. Could someone draw a polygon (saved in appropriate format - e.g.
> >    kml) to define where the edges of the zones should be? That would
> make it
> >    a more realistic prospect to survey. The city centre survey became
> complex
> >    where there were existing 20mph zones - one zone merging into
> another. I'd
> >    guess the potential for the same this time is greater.
> >
> >    Robert
> >
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