[Talk-scotland] Classifying paths on OSM

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Sun Jun 9 11:03:43 UTC 2019

Hi All

A few years ago I proposed a method to classify paths. I've done a good 
deal of path mapping and there is no way I know of to highlight the 
relative significance of different paths... which means that tiny paths 
where you need to hack through undergrowth or jump from rock to rock, 
get rendered on mapping in the same way as 4 metre wide tarmac 
pedestrian super-highways. This has always irritated me - it seems a 
huge gap in the otherwise very sensible and workable system.

The system I proposed a few years ago didn't catch anyone's attention - 
and although I still think it might have worked it quickly became clear 
to me that it was too complex to catch on. There is, inevitably, a 
balance between effectiveness and how much effort and thought a typical 
mapper is likely to want to put to a problem like this.

With that in mind I've been thinking of a much simpler system for the 
last few years. I got around to writing it down a couple of weeks ago. 
I'd be interested to hear what people think.

I described the problem in the proposal.

Is this convincing, workable? Or not?


Can I suggest that if you have useful opinions on this that you write on 
the proposal talk page ( 
), rather than replying to me by email.


Robert (AKA 'Rostranimin')

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