[Talk-scotland] State of the Map in Scotland?

Gregory (LivingWithDragons) info at livingwithdragons.com
Fri Jun 21 11:05:06 UTC 2019

Hello all,

There's not been a State of the Map Scotland for a while...

Have you considered getting a team together and making a bid for the
international State of the Map? I'm sure Scotland would gather together a
great local team, at least once you've decided which city will host!
I put some other points in a blog post I wrote:

Even if I wasn't part of the global SotM team, I would join a local team
for a Scotland SotM and try to make a few extra trips up. You guys are
awesome and run awesome events!

The Call for Venues is here:
Deadline is 30th August, but you can have a draft online or contact the
SotM team at any time.

>From South of the border (Durham),
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