[Talk-scotland] Help please: tidying up abandoned golf course features at Swanston, Edinburgh

Robert Weetman robert.wtman.88 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 17:15:40 UTC 2020

Hi All - looking for some local knowledge to help to tidy up some poor 
mapping near Swanston, Edinburgh. A new/remote mapper (easily identified 
in the edits, I'll not name here) enthusiastically recorded a whole load 
of golf course related features - mostly based on old aerial imagery 
(but backed up by more than that - they recorded things like the par for 
each hole). Many (all?) of these features are long gone. The ones I 
spotted were at 'T Wood' - above Swanston. I removed the features I know 
not to exist, but there is a live golf course to the north - and I don't 
want to accidentally remove correct features.

There is also at least one multi-relation in the mix - which is going to 
take some disentangling. I ran out of both patience and skill - someone 
cleverer than me might need to have a look.

(Actually, I didn't remove the incorrect features, I changed 'golf=...' 
to 'abandoned at golf=....' so anyone tempted to add them again will notice).

You may also notice a few oddities - use of combinations like 
"natural=tree + name=gorse" - presumably to make some particular map 
show "gorse" in text.

I tried to contact the mapper without success a few weeks ago.

See also:


An overpass turbo search showing what remains:



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