[Talk-scotland] Help please: tidying up abandoned golf course features at Swanston, Edinburgh

Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 10:26:26 UTC 2020


On 19/12/2020 17:15, Robert Weetman wrote:
> Hi All - looking for some local knowledge to help to tidy up some poor 
> mapping near Swanston, Edinburgh. A new/remote mapper (easily 
> identified in the edits, I'll not name here) enthusiastically recorded 
> a whole load of golf course related features - mostly based on old 
> aerial imagery (but backed up by more than that - they recorded things 
> like the par for each hole). Many (all?) of these features are long 
> gone. The ones I spotted were at 'T Wood' - above Swanston. I removed 
> the features I know not to exist, but there is a live golf course to 
> the north - and I don't want to accidentally remove correct features.
> There is also at least one multi-relation in the mix - which is going 
> to take some disentangling. I ran out of both patience and skill - 
> someone cleverer than me might need to have a look.
> (Actually, I didn't remove the incorrect features, I changed 
> 'golf=...' to 'abandoned at golf=....' so anyone tempted to add them 
> again will notice).
I think that's exactly the right thing to do here.

> You may also notice a few oddities - use of combinations like 
> "natural=tree + name=gorse" - presumably to make some particular map 
> show "gorse" in text.
> I tried to contact the mapper without success a few weeks ago.

This particular mapper has replied to 2 of the 4 changeset discussion 
comments that people have left for them, so that might be an approach to 

With a DWG hat on I noticed edits my this mapper when looking at edits 
by another golf mapper ("TheMoneyTour") that were altogether wrong (that 
other mapper had changed main roads in the vicinity of courses to 
"cartpaths").  This mapper is still active, so if people see problematic 
golf edits like e.g. "resurrected" courses elsewhere, please email OSM's 
Data Working Group (via data at osmfoundation.org) about it.

What these mappers seem to be doing is adding golf-related features to 
OSM for use within golf simulators that use OSM for the base data.  
That's great where the features being added are accurate, but not so 
great when they're not.

Best Regards,

Andy (from the DWG)

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