[Talk-se] Formaliserad NVDB-import

NKA mapper nkamapper at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 10:50:12 UTC 2021

Thank you, Anders - this is a very helpful and most welcome initiative.

I did not find a link to the import files - they are here may be reviewed:

I only have two issues, which would be good to resolve:

1) I would prefer to be able to see which roads are state/national roads
and which are county roads (primary/others), tagged as highway=trunk,
primary and secondary, respectively. This way I can make decisions about
up/downgrading them before uploading to OSM. Currently, the script is
making educated guesses about which tag to use, so that a county road could
be any of highway=trunk, primary, secondary and tertial. That makes it
difficult and time consuming to "read" the import file without spending
time on analysing highway numbers etc.

2) In my opinion there is too much highway=track at the moment. In many
mixed urban/rural municipalities such as for example Uppsala, several
residential and rural roads are tagged as track. I think it would be better
if highway=track is only used for the forestry roads. When importing, I
would spend too much time on retagging track to unclassified and service
with the current proposal.

Here are a few examples on how trunk/primary/secondary would look with
"standard" tagging: Examples
<https://www.jottacloud.com/s/0592631d082283b49939bb929c3050af021> (these
examples are just for illustration, they are not complete end products).

I already know Anders' opinion on these two questions, but it would be good
to understand the opinion of other members of the community.

In other respects an excellent job by Anders :)

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