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Before anyone answers your question, please bear in mind that there is no
clear definition of a "coach" ... and I have dealt with a feedback to
traveline on this very point only this morning.  A limited stop service
between Cambridge and Oxford operated by vehicles which have "coach-style"
seats and which the operator refers to as "coaches" runs a limited stop
service between the two cities (the X5) - so we call this a coach.  The
complaint came from someone who had been unable to find this service as a
"bus" because he saw a "coach" as being something which you had to prebook,
and which expected a significant number of passengers to have luggage which
went into luggage lockers under (or at the back of) the vehicle.


There is no "right" definition - and OSM might be better advised to tag
routes as <bus-coach> rather than to try to separate them.




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Do we want to add route=coach to differentiate long distance routes operated
in the UK mainly by National Express and which mainly travel city to city
with very limited stops, from the typical bus services which operate within
cities or short distance between adjacent or closely related towns and
villages stopping frequently and which are tagged route=bus?





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