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On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 12:38 PM, Roger Slevin <roger at slevin.plus.com> wrote:

>  Before anyone answers your question, please bear in mind that there is no
> clear definition of a “coach” ... and I have dealt with a feedback to
> traveline on this very point only this morning.  A limited stop service
> between Cambridge and Oxford operated by vehicles which have “coach-style”
> seats and which the operator refers to as “coaches” runs a limited stop
> service between the two cities (the X5) – so we call this a coach.  The
> complaint came from someone who had been unable to find this service as a
> “bus” because he saw a “coach” as being something which you had to prebook,
> and which expected a significant number of passengers to have luggage which
> went into luggage lockers under (or at the back of) the vehicle.

Whilst I agree that there's no hard-and-fast distinction between buses and
coaches, I think that using route=bus-coach is just going to confuse people!

I'd suggest using either route=bus or route=coach, and simply going with
whichever feels most correct (based upon what the route calls itself or how
people generally refer to it).

This doesn't resolve the potential ambiguities, but renderers and routing
software would be advised to use a bit leeway when doing searches.


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