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On 5 Aug 2009, at 13:05, Frankie Roberto wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 12:38 PM, Roger Slevin  
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> Before anyone answers your question, please bear in mind that there  
> is no clear definition of a “coach” ... and I have dealt with a  
> feedback to traveline on this very point only this morning.  A  
> limited stop service between Cambridge and Oxford operated by  
> vehicles which have “coach-style” seats and which the operator  
> refers to as “coaches” runs a limited stop service between the two  
> cities (the X5) – so we call this a coach.  The complaint came from  
> someone who had been unable to find this service as a “bus” because  
> he saw a “coach” as being something which you had to prebook, and  
> which expected a significant number of passengers to have luggage  
> which went into luggage lockers under (or at the back of) the vehicle.
> Whilst I agree that there's no hard-and-fast distinction between  
> buses and coaches, I think that using route=bus-coach is just going  
> to confuse people!
> I'd suggest using either route=bus or route=coach, and simply going  
> with whichever feels most correct (based upon what the route calls  
> itself or how people generally refer to it).
> This doesn't resolve the potential ambiguities, but renderers and  
> routing software would be advised to use a bit leeway when doing  
> searches.

I understood that one difference in the UK is if it was under 50km the  
operator could reclaim tax on their fuel. There is also evidently a 50  
km rule about tachographs, where drivers operating longer routes need  
tachos, but ones on shorter routes (urban buses) don't.

I think it is also useful to distinguish the sort of seating. I was on  
a coach last week, big leather seats and air-conditioning - very  
comfortable and reasonably quick. No toilet which surprised me, but it  
was only a 1 hour journey so I guess that is fair-enough. The  
experience of using a normal urban bus would have been very poor in  
comparison and I wouldn't have taken it.

Personally I would vote for the distinction to be retained on the  
basis of the distance and type of vehicle.



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