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On 5 Aug 2009, at 13:13, Richard Mann wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 1:12 AM, Cartinus <cartinus at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> IMHO the solution is simple. Name it after what you are mapping.
> For vehicles:
> The route the cyclist follows is route=bicycle.
> The route bus 5 follows is route=bus.
> The route tram 13 follows is route=tram.
> The route the Eurostar follows is route=train.
> For infrastructure:
> The "route" of the M1 is route=road
> The "route" that is made up of the rail tracks of the East Coast  
> Mainline is
> route=rail.
> Deprecating route= and replacing it with line= for most things where  
> we
> currently use route= is a lot of work for no real gain.
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> m.v.g.,
> Cartinus
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> +1
> Though I'd go for route=railway for infrastructure, since route=rail  
> is currently being used by a lot of relations for which route=train  
> would be better.

Do check out this new wiki page:

I have done some work on the top level modelling for transit  
information based on Oxoma's work. I am proposing that we use Lines,  
Line Variants and Routes for the actual services in a similar way to  
the original proposal.

Lines are pretty much unchanged.

Line Variants used to hold a stop list and also the route through the  
infrastructure. I have split this into Line Variants for the list of  
stops, and Routes for the path through the network (this approach  
saves work as it allows Routes to be reused on more than one Line  
Variant). It is also the modelling used by Transmodel which will be  
helpful when we start getting more EU schedule data.

Routes are pretty much the same as cycle routes, ie a single path  
through the transport network.

I have added a basic infrastructure route proposal, but have no strong  
feelings about what tags we use.

With regard to updating what is already in OSM then I suggest we use  
write some tools to do the job. Frederik has already offered to some  
support for this (and he recently did some automatic cleanup on tiger  
data in the USA) using a similar rule-bases approach.



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