[Talk-transit] NAPTAN Import: Plus-bus Zones

Jerry Clough - OSM sk53_osm at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 5 15:31:15 BST 2009

I've had a quick look at a couple of the PlusBusZones (once inadvertently, as the name is rendering 
inappropriately on the Mapnik map): Nottingham and Maidenhead. In both cases boundaries are only 
approximate, and appear to be delimited by bus stops rather than routes (e.g., service 6 in Maidenhead travels 
along A308, and through the Pinkneys Green area, but AFAIK does not stop). The Nottingham one is of particular 
interest to me as the available literature shows an extremely fuzzy map with no indications of the precise limits of 
the zone. 

On the routes where I know the limit of the city-wide tickets (CityRider, Kangaroo) the edges of the zone are from 
100-200 metres out. I wonder how we can improve this mapping in OSM. For instance I could ensure that the 
PlusBus zone polygon shared nodes with the bus stops at the Blue Bell, Attenborough, and the 
Sherwin Arms, Bramcote. There is one other issue: the Nottingham Tram (NET) extends to Hucknall, 
and I think the relevant tram stops are included in the PlusBus scheme, but buses are not. The Kangaroo
 includes the tram and also train services between Hucknall, Attenborough, Carlton and Nottingham.


PS. First posting to list, so formatting might be an issue.

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