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On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 1:52 PM, Hillsman, Edward <hillsman at cutr.usf.edu>wrote:

> It now appears likely that our research center will receive funding to
> begin developing a multimodal trip planner using OpenStreetMap data.

Firstly, congratulations on the getting this funding (presuming it gets
confirmed) - sounds like a great project.

> We plan to develop an advisory committee for the project, including people
> from US transit agencies and from the OSM community (especially those
> working with transit data in Europe, where most of the OSM transit activity
> seems to be), to advise us on the needs and the possibilities.

And advisory committee for your project, including OSM members, is a good
idea. However it'd be good to keep as much of the discussion about the
mapping and data-import bits of your project on this mailing list as

> We are drafting the scope of work for the project now. Within the
> constraints of having to deliver certain kinds of results by the end of this
> phase of the project (such as the uploads, and assurance that the desired
> system can indeed be developed on an OSM base), we are trying to include as
> much flexibility as possible for us to work collaboratively with other
> organizations in figuring out what needs to be done and how best to do it.
> My best guess is that we will have confirmation of the project by the end of
> the month, and authorization to begin work by the end of September, although
> these steps can always take longer than expected. Certainly I can
> participate on my own time before then.

Great. It'd be useful to know the scope of your project - I'd recommend
starting with something small and achievable, your suggestion of urban metro
systems is a good one (and I reckon has good coverage in OSM already).

Incidentally, many metro systems don't have an advertised timetable as such,
instead more likely an advertised frequency (eg every 3-5 minutes). This is
something that could, potentially, be included in OSM data...


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