[Talk-transit] NAPTAN Import: Plus-bus Zones

Chris Morley c.morley at gaseq.co.uk
Sun Aug 9 16:50:28 BST 2009

Roger Slevin wrote:
> The PlusBus zone data comes from PlusBus – so please don’t try to change 
> it.  If you think it is wrong, then let me know and I will ask PlusBus 
> to review the information.

The Wrexham and Ruabon PlusBus zone has been imported without any 
reference to Wrexham (the more important location):
name = Ruabon
public_transport = pay_scale_area
ref = RUABON
source = naptan_import

While this presumably corresponds to an entry in somebody's database, 
it causes a bit of FUD in OSM. Presumably I could edit the name tag, 
in spite of the admonition above. But name tags are rendered by Mapnik 
at high zooms (here as a disembodied name 16km from Ruabon). For these 
areas, it would be better to remove the name tag and use note instead, 
e.g. note = Wrexham and Ruabon PlusBus area.


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