[Talk-transit] Deleting relations

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Aug 10 09:08:55 BST 2009

I couldn’t find a way in Potlatch. What I did was:

a)      In Potlatch add a dummy node to the relation

b)      Download the area containing the dummy node in JOSM

c)       Delete the relation in the relations list in JOSM

d)      Upload changes

e)      Delete the dummy node (I used Potlatch but could also have
used JOSM as both were open – I had to refresh Potlatch to be aware
of the JOSM changes first though).


I hope you don’t mind me deleting it. 






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I created a relation 193015 for Pad-Reading infrastructure, not
realising that someone had already done so. 193015 has no members,
but I can't see any obvious way of deleting it (in Potlatch). Is it



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