[Talk-transit] Deleting relations

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Aug 10 11:38:08 BST 2009

Yes, it does get confusing using two editors. I pressed U in
Potlatch this morning to try and unselect things like I do in JOSM
and suddenly all the deleted ways where I was mapping appeared. I
switched to View and back to Edit to sort out that mistake. But each
has different strengths and I use whichever one I feel most suited
for the task (this morning I used JOSM to follow my trip from
Clacton to Haverhill and back via Catterwade to check the roads were
all aligned to the average of all the public traces (or in the NPE
lanes, that they aligned at all – I also found two lanes that should
have connected to the main road but weren’t). I also used JOSM to
add a sportsground I visited at the weekend as I find it easier to
use to add all the POIs, use Q to orthogonalise rectangles and so


But this is off topic. Perhaps I should mention I added two bus
stops (one with shelter) which I’ll probably have to merge when the
import occurs. 




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Thanks. I figured it might be the "Is it time to confuse myself by
trying to use two different editors" scenario.



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