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Sat Aug 15 14:54:00 BST 2009

Thank you for the welcome

First off a couple of queries about transit talk.
Is T-T purely email client based or is there a web page listing the posts?
I receive a digest of previous posts & can't see a way to reply individually to specific posts, where I get the Re:.... in the subject box.

The area in question is Bath & the specific problem I'm referring to is:


My initial response would be to agree with Chris M. & query whether it should be included in the main database. It does seem to get in the way a bit. However, being a newbie, I'm willing to hear arguments for it.

I'm sure there have been many discussion about what should/shouldn't be added.
I think it's only a matter of time before I come across a POI that proudly proclaims - "This is the spot where Sandra Hutchinson first let me stick my hand up her jumper" :-)

Dave F.

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