[Talk-transit] NPTG locality viewer

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Aug 17 10:23:34 BST 2009

> Additionally to the old url the NPTG-Viewer can now be found
> on:
> http://www.mappa-mercia.org/nptg-viewer/
> I think the tool is handy to find places which are not yet
> mapped. It
> may also be helpful to spot spelling errors.
> There is one issue with genitives being spelled with
> apostrophes in
> NPTG but without in OSM (e.g. Kings Heath in Birmingham).

That's perhaps because Birmingham banning apostrophes is fairly
http://is.gd/2kSAe (story at Metro.co.uk).

In case it helps anyone else, the tool doesn't seem to work for me
on IE8 but does in Firefox. In both I can zoom in on say central
Birmingham, but only in Firefox to letters on coloured backgrounds
appear to allow me to select a locality.

I note around here that where a Parish is named after the village,
the Nptg LocalityName seems to be located near the OSM
village-of-the-same-name node, rather than where the parish name
renders in the centre of the admin boundary relation area.

Still working out what I can do with it though.


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