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Thanks for the clue - I was wondering why it wasn't making a lot of sense to
me (as an IE8 user by default) - I will try it in Firefox then.

As for Apostrophes, there is not right or wrong on this - NPTG is supposed
to use them where they are in popular use, but there is no absolute
criterion (and some which appear to be logical possessives, and therefore
should have an apostrophe, have good historical reasons for not having the
apostrophe - or even having it after rather than before the s).  Is Kings
Heath the heath of a King, or of Kings ... or neither (it appears to come
from Kings Norton, nearby - and it clearly is well established as being
without an apostrophe if you look at various sources on the internet).

As for locations - NPTG requires the centre of the locality (its
coordinates) to be "at the business centre of the locality, on a road open
to normal traffic and close to the most central public transport stops" (or
some compromise between these three criteria where they don't clearly push
to a single point).  NPTG localities are NOT administrative areas - they are
NOT parishes, for instance.  They are about the community that
lives/works/plays in the locality of that name.

Best wishes


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> Additionally to the old url the NPTG-Viewer can now be found
> on:
> http://www.mappa-mercia.org/nptg-viewer/
> I think the tool is handy to find places which are not yet
> mapped. It
> may also be helpful to spot spelling errors.
> There is one issue with genitives being spelled with
> apostrophes in
> NPTG but without in OSM (e.g. Kings Heath in Birmingham).

That's perhaps because Birmingham banning apostrophes is fairly
http://is.gd/2kSAe (story at Metro.co.uk).

In case it helps anyone else, the tool doesn't seem to work for me
on IE8 but does in Firefox. In both I can zoom in on say central
Birmingham, but only in Firefox to letters on coloured backgrounds
appear to allow me to select a locality.

I note around here that where a Parish is named after the village,
the Nptg LocalityName seems to be located near the OSM
village-of-the-same-name node, rather than where the parish name
renders in the centre of the admin boundary relation area.

Still working out what I can do with it though.


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