[Talk-transit] NPTG locality viewer

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Aug 17 11:22:33 BST 2009

Roger wrote:

> As for locations - NPTG requires the centre of the locality
> (its
> coordinates) to be "at the business centre of the locality, on
> a road open
> to normal traffic and close to the most central public
> transport stops" (or
> some compromise between these three criteria where they don't
> clearly push
> to a single point).  NPTG localities are NOT administrative
> areas - they are
> NOT parishes, for instance.  They are about the community that
> lives/works/plays in the locality of that name.

Thanks for the clarification Roger. The reason I mentioned Parish
was that that is what displays in this tool, and I presume that
comes from:
"SourceLocalityType:    Parish"
In this (example) list:
AdministrativeAreaRef:  080
LocalityName:           Little Oakley
NptgDistrictRef:        203
NptgLocalityCode:       E0046366
QualifierName:          Harwich
SourceLocalityType:     Parish


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