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Christoph Böhme christoph at b3e.net
Mon Aug 17 14:28:47 BST 2009

"Ed Loach" <ed at loach.me.uk> schrieb:

> > Additionally to the old url the NPTG-Viewer can now be found
> > on:
> > http://www.mappa-mercia.org/nptg-viewer/
> > 
> > I think the tool is handy to find places which are not yet
> > mapped. It
> > may also be helpful to spot spelling errors.
> > 
> > There is one issue with genitives being spelled with
> > apostrophes in
> > NPTG but without in OSM (e.g. Kings Heath in Birmingham).
> That's perhaps because Birmingham banning apostrophes is fairly
> recent:
> http://is.gd/2kSAe (story at Metro.co.uk).

Thanks for reminding me of this story. However, I think I never saw
Kings Heath written as King's Heath since I live in Birmingham. But
since both ways of spelling the locations are either correct or in
common use, I am thinking of changing the name matching to ignore
apostrophes for possessive 's.

> In case it helps anyone else, the tool doesn't seem to work for me
> on IE8 but does in Firefox. In both I can zoom in on say central
> Birmingham, but only in Firefox to letters on coloured backgrounds
> appear to allow me to select a locality.

Sorry, I should have mentioned that the viewer is not working with IE8.
I tried to get it to work in IE8 but I gave up after noticing that the
errors are apparently in the prototype and Openlayers libraries. Also,
for some reason the IE8 produces completely different error messages on
different computers. 
If there is some interest in using NPTG viewer on IE8 I can try fixing
the problems.


> I note around here that where a Parish is named after the village,
> the Nptg LocalityName seems to be located near the OSM
> village-of-the-same-name node, rather than where the parish name
> renders in the centre of the admin boundary relation area.
> Still working out what I can do with it though.
> Ed
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