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Christoph Böhme christoph at b3e.net
Mon Aug 17 15:00:13 BST 2009

"Ed Loach" <ed at loach.me.uk> schrieb:

> > With specialist data without a physical presence, like PlusBus
> > zones,
> > my view is that careful thought should be given to whether to
> > import
> > them into the main OSM database at all, and if they are
> > imported they
> > should use namespaced tags. 
> On the Harwich area I renamed the name= tag to NaPTAN:name=
> yesterday when I was adding a footpath near Little Oakley and spent
> ages trying to work out why the word Harwich was appearing (in
> Mapnik) at an angle to a road about where the footpath was supposed
> to join. Being quite a large area with few nodes the connecting way
> didn't show in Potlatch until I'd panned around enough for one of
> the nodes to come into scope.
> So yes, I'd agree that name= should be namespaced, if not more of
> the tags.


I am the one who prepared the import of the PlusBus zones. When I
decided to use the name tag I was not aware that the mapnik style
renders them unconditionally otherwise I would not have imported the
data without warning.

In my opinion the name tag is used as a general purpose tag in OSM for
names of all sorts of things. So, it appeared quite natural to use it
for recording the names of the plus bus zones as well. From the other
tags renderers can easily guess what type of object the name belongs to
and the decide if it should be displayed. So there is no need to use
namespaced versions of the name tag just to prevent the renderer from
displaying it.


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