[Talk-transit] pay_scale_area

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Aug 17 15:12:18 BST 2009

> I am the one who prepared the import of the PlusBus zones. When
> I
> decided to use the name tag I was not aware that the mapnik
> style
> renders them unconditionally otherwise I would not have
> imported the
> data without warning.
> In my opinion the name tag is used as a general purpose tag in
> OSM for
> names of all sorts of things. So, it appeared quite natural to
> use it
> for recording the names of the plus bus zones as well. From the
> other
> tags renderers can easily guess what type of object the name
> belongs to
> and the decide if it should be displayed. So there is no need
> to use
> namespaced versions of the name tag just to prevent the
> renderer from
> displaying it.

I know, and changing the key did really feel like "tagging for the
renderer". I've now changed it back. At the time I was just annoyed
that it took me so long to work out why the name was showing in the
middle of nowhere at a strange angle. I'd probably still be looking
if I hadn't remembered the recent import.


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