[Talk-transit] Weird stations in the UK (as shown on Google maps)

Jerry Clough - OSM sk53_osm at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 20 17:36:27 BST 2009

Various comments on these:

1. Reading. If Heathrow Rail-air is shown, shouldn't the Reading end be shown?
2. St. Pancras is indeed two stations. Midland Main Line services depart from platforms at 
the far-end of the main train shed, has separate ticketing etc.. The 'interchange' between this 
and the Underground is quite a decent walk, although nothing like as bad as it was before 
the International station opened. There is a set of platforms under the main-line station 
(used to be Thameslink), but as I've never used them don't know their status, other than 
for the traveller they're quite distinct.
3. I thought the extra Kings-X might be the local line to Royston and Cambridge, which 
used to be pretty disjunct from the rest of Kings-X, but on the map it looks like the 
underground station has been rewarded with the old British Rail symbol to signify 
an interchange, but this isn't true of some of the dubious interchange stations (e.g., Euston Square).
4. I think RailAir is a typical exception which one has to live with. There are plenty of railways where 
some services are operated by buses which depart from a separate location. However, ticketing etc is 
entirely in the hands of the railway operator. For instance the line to Skegness has Mablethorpe on the 
timetable described as a rail-replacement bus (although I think the railway line has been disused for
40-odd years). 

Hope this adds grist to the mill!

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