[Talk-transit] Enthusiasts Guide to Train Travel

Jerry Clough - OSM sk53_osm at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 20 19:00:32 BST 2009

Various questions arising on the wiki put me in mind of this site:

I've started putting gauge tags on the RhB lines in the Engadin between
Scuol and Sankt Moritz, and noticed a couple of missing bits of track:
1. S connector to the E portal of Saglians tunnel.
2. line from Sankt Moritz to Celernia Staz.

Unfortunately there is no Yahoo coverage of these so I can't add them.

However it did remind me that I'd seen this site a few years ago, and after a
few trials found it again. The detail provided is probably far too extensive
for OSM as yet, but it does provide a list of railways which might be
missed in the normal course of surveying. And it explained why I never
managed to catch a train along this stretch of line!

So perhaps a useful source of information for validation.


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