[Talk-transit] Weird stations in the UK (as shown on Googlemaps)

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I will review Peter's comments on these various stations with him tomorrow,
all being well.  The records are in NaPTAN for genuine operational reasons -
and it may be that I can point to ways in which the "one physical station,
two or more codes" can be resolved within the existing data (at least for
some stations)




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There are various rail location code systems, some of which have separate
codes for parts of stations, which may appear downstream. This is mainly for
historical reasons (eg the Waterloo trains used to run into a separate
station at Reading, until they were diverted into the main station). I'd put
them in as a single station unless there are security walls separating them
(eg St Pancras).


At Newbury Park, the Central line uses the old LNER platforms; the line used
to go to Ilford rather than Gants Hill, but there's never been more than one
station there. There is a large bus "station" adjacent to it, but it's
little more than a grand roof over some bus stops.



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