[Talk-transit] JOSM Plugin

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Sat Aug 22 17:06:09 BST 2009

Hello everybody,

I would like to add to the map the bus routes of Wuppertal. After starting 
with a sample (4 out of about 50 routes), it turned out to be a tedious task 
due to poor tool support. Thus, I'm thinking about writing a JOSM plugin to 
simplify editing.

Are there already efforts to write better editor support? On what data 
representation should this based?

There doesn't seem to be consenus about what representation to use.
There are some, partly contradictive, propositions
(and probably others)
and all of them only partly fit to the following concerns I have:

- I'd like to differentiate between networks for different times of the day. 
For example, for the Paris bus network there are even distinct maps:
The network has services that run only during daytime, services running only 
in the evening, services running in the evening a different mission than 
during daytime and services running always the same mission.

- Some of the services run through loops. E.g.

         |        |

they run ABECD in one direction and DCFBECFBA in the other direction. The 
standard route model with unordered data does not allow to distinguish this 
from ABECFBECD forth and DCFBA back.

- I'd like to give some indication about the frequency: there are services 
like bus 587 running once per day as opposed to services like 608 running 
every 10 minutes.

- I'd like to give some indication about connections between different 
services. Some services always wait for each other to allow to change 
quickly. Some services intentionally have coordinated timetables, i.e.
the busses of line 627 and 637 partly run in parallel. One is departing at a 
stop at 00 und 20, the other at 40, so they offer together a ride every 20 


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