[Talk-transit] NaPTAN bus stops

Chris Hill chillly809 at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Aug 22 17:24:13 BST 2009

> I believe that we are of the opinion that the naptan tags are useful 
> but only relevant to the UK and I don't think anyone is suggesting 
> that an import of data from Portland or Washington DC should use these 
> NaPTAN tags. So, do we need tags in the real OSM namespace tags for 
> all the main elements of NaPTAN that we need to use (for example 
> bearing from naptan:bearing, indicator from naptan:indicator and 
> local_ref from naptan:ATCO_code?). In some cases these will be copies 
> of the naptan namespace data for the UK. For other imports it might 
> using GTFS or other formats might use ia GTFS namespace for the 
> imported data and then the same tags as for NaPTAN for the main OSM tags.
> If that is the case then we should leave the naptan information alone 
> and only adjust the OSM tags. The only problem is that some of those 
> fields are not current populated or even defined in OSM (for example 
> bearing).
> For now I have changing the NaPTAN fields where I consider that they 
> are wrong because we can spot that sort of thing in an refresh import 
> of NaPTAN.
> For a future 'refresh import' of NaPTAN the rule could be that we 
> replace the data in the NaPTAN namespace (noting any changes in a log 
> that is made available to the local community) and then notice where 
> there are conflicts between OSM changes and official changes within 
> the tags in the OSM namespace. Where the NapTAN data has changed but 
> the OSM tags still match the naptan tags then the OSM tags can be 
> updated, Where the OSM tags are no longer the same as the NaPTAN tags 
> then that would be a 'conflict' and would need to deal with manually.
> If this is what we want then we should get it onto the wiki.
OK, I'm not going to change any of the naptan tags.  I'm going to record 
any errors / changes separately, noting which ones I move too.  I may 
create a wiki page, but it might be a long list and that would be just 
for one city - I'm starting with a spreadsheet.  If we decide to change 
the naptan fields I'll do that later, if we choose to add extra OSM 
fields then again I'll do that later from my list.  If there is a route 
to feed into NaPTAN directly then I can format my list into what they 
want. If any of this works well then we can give ideas to others that 

I have contacted the Hull City Council about what I'm doing.  One way to 
correct the data is for them to update their records that must then 
filter through to NaPTAN.  I'll see if they are interested after the 
weekend.  When I get around to processing the East Riding I already have 
a contact there.

Cheers, Chris

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