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Richard Shank develop at zestic.com
Tue Aug 25 17:13:17 BST 2009

>     - Some of the services run through loops. E.g.
>     A--------B----F---C--------D
>             |        |
>             +----E---+
>     they run ABECD in one direction and DCFBECFBA in the other
>     direction. The
>     standard route model with unordered data does not allow to
>     distinguish this
>     from ABECFBECD forth and DCFBA back.
> As I understand it, the ways SHOULD be order. Also, if we go with the 
> notion of using on-way 'stop points' (ie nodes in the highway 
> representing where the buses stop, rather than the nodes beside the 
> highway representing where passengers wait), then those nodes should 
> be included within the relation too, in order. (This is already done 
> for some train services).
> That said, I don't think one way or node can belong to the same 
> relation more than once! So you wouldn't be able to map the 'loop' 
> perfectly yet.
Perhaps an order tag should be added to relations.  If you did that then 
you could have multiple nodes with different order numbers.

The above example would look something like
<relation id='123'>
  <member type='node' ref='D' order='1' />
  <member type='node' ref='C' order='2' />
  <member type='node' ref='F' order='3' /> 
  <member type='node' ref='B' order='4' />
  <member type='node' ref='E' order='5' />
  <member type='node' ref='C' order='6' />
  <member type='node' ref='F' order='7' />
  <member type='node' ref='B' order='8' />
  <member type='node' ref='A' order='9' />
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