[Talk-transit] JOSM Plugin

Melchior Moos melchiormoos at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 17:27:17 BST 2009

> That said, I don't think one way or node can belong to the same relation
> more than once! So you wouldn't be able to map the 'loop' perfectly yet.

Of course it can and it should in such case!

>  <member type='node' ref='D' order='1' />
>  <member type='node' ref='C' order='2' />
>  <member type='node' ref='F' order='3' />
>  <member type='node' ref='B' order='4' />
>  <member type='node' ref='E' order='5' />
>  <member type='node' ref='C' order='6' />
>  <member type='node' ref='F' order='7' />
>  <member type='node' ref='B' order='8' />
>  <member type='node' ref='A' order='9' />

You don't need that order tag, the api saves the order in which you list the
members in the xml.

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