[Talk-transit] A wiki page on "state of the art" for public transit

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Fri Jan 9 12:11:16 GMT 2009

Hi all,

It would be useful to have a page on the OSM wiki describing what we can
currently do on this topic, and what is under development or dicussion. I'm
thinking of things like:

- data collection (what is tagging schema? how does that relate to "on the
ground" info for different countries & cities?)
- data availability (by country/city, what do we have?)
- rendering (what have people done with mapnik / osmarender / kosmos / etc.
and where are the HOWTOs?)
- routing (same as rendering)
- applications (garmin maps, etc.)

I've been working in the London Borough of Sutton on a groundbreaking
sustainability initiative (www.oneplanetsutton.org) with the local
authority. The council obviously have everything OSM can currently offer
and more, but I am really interested in using OSM . I also have a nice
opportunity developing with an architect's firm and Stoke council. Since
the council don't need this stuff atm it's coming out of my free time and a
little volunteering from Thomas Wood in Sutton. I see lots of nice work
being done, but it's incredibly time consuming trying to understand and
replicate them.

It would make OSM more attractive to audiences like local authorities, and
cool projects more replicable, if it was better documented.

Can anyone take this job on?


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